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At Mooch we believe that a nourished baby starts with a nourished mother; the nutritional profile of our snacks reflects this philosophy.

With a Holistic Nutritionist and Women’s Health Expert on our team, Arielle, we carefully selected all-natural ingredients that combine galactagogue properties (to enhance your breast milk) and nutritional support for moms, to keep your energy up and your cravings at bay.

We love a tasty snack, but we don’t believe in empty calories and sugary additions that make your glycemic levels spike and cause hunger attacks. For this reason, Mooch bites can satisfy your cravings while remaining free of added sugars and providing healthy fats to support your brain and hormonal function.

Every Mooch bite is hand-crafted and made of simple, healthy ingredients, paired in smart ways to deliver taste, convenience and nourishment for you and your baby at the same time.

Our ingredients


Rich in iron and vitamin B12 to provide you with more energy and support metabolic function through breastfeeding. High in fibre, oats also help you regulate gut function. The high concentration of dietary beta-glucan, saponin, zinc, manganese and calcium in oatmeal help control blood sugar, reduce cholesterol and improve the immune system. The result? A healthier you, with increased, stable energy and better quality breast milk.


Coconut is an incredibly powerful healthy fat that will help stabilize your blood sugar. Not only will it keep you satiated, research shows that coconut increases the lauric acid content in breastmilk, supporting your baby’s growth and nourishment.


Likely the most popular galactagogue food across the world, this herb is known to be a nutritional powerhouse. Fenugreek contains protein, iron, vitamin C, niacin and potassium. Not only is it known to increase milk supply, it also provides our moms with their daily dose of vitamins. Fenugreek is another win-win!

Blessed Thistle

Commonly used as an herbal galactagogue, its properties are best enjoyed when fenugreek is in the mix. By pairing these two together, we provide Mooch moms with the best boost in lactation!

Brewers yeast

Similar to fenugreek, brewers yeast is high in iron, protein, B-vitamins, chromium and selenium. In addition to supporting milk production, this nutritional jewel will help with increased energy while also regulating sugar levels in your blood.


Another powerhouse of nutrition, nuts are high in essential minerals such as iron, calcium, and zinc as well as vitamin K and B- vitamins. In their natural form, nuts are one of the healthiest sources of essential fatty acids, which will help stabilize blood sugar and satisfy cravings. Beyond their phenomenal nutritional profile, nuts have been used as lactogenic foods across the world for centuries.

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