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Breastfeeding & milk supply

Every year, Canada welcomes approximately 400k newborn babies. With them, come nearly as many newborn mothers. That is 400k overwhelmed, grateful, sleep-deprived, busy mothers who are desperately trying to keep it together in an attempt to manage an unbelievably dependent and fragile human being and a body they no longer recognize or control. 

Their body has now become a 24/7 cafeteria with extremely loud and impatient customers who don’t even tip. Ahh the joys of motherhood, am I right? 

The truth is that while being a mother is one of the most incredible and rewarding experiences of human life, it is also the toughest job on this planet. A particularly difficult early task of motherhood  is feeding your baby. 

Social media has made mothers increasingly open about the raw and unfiltered truths of motherhood, and let me tell you: if you, like me, thought that breastfeeding was this magically natural bonding moment of bliss, you may want to rethink your assumption. 

Breastfeeding is difficult. Latching your baby in the right position takes practice, patience, and lots of pain. Stressing about whether you’re producing enough milk or whether your milk is nutritious enough is difficult. Knowing that you’re not able to make enough is psychologically draining. And while you’re struggling with the worry, the guilt, the emotional imbalance and the sleep deprivation, you also have the appetite of a 300 pound sumo fighter. But you can’t always give into the cravings because you are aware that what you eat baby eats.

At MOOCH Moms we get that it's not easy and since day one it has been our mission to help nourish mom's. Because behind every nourished baby, is a hungry mom!

MOOCH bites are a tasty, healthy snack for nursing moms and pregnant women looking to boost their milk supply and improve the nutritional density of breastmilk. 

They are refined sugar-free, guilt-free, dairy-free, and packed with galactagogue ingredients to support lactation.